Mechanical Broadheads For Big Game


I am looking for the best set up for my Bowtech for a moose hunt in Maine. I am currently using the two blade Rage for deer and that works well.  Will it work for moose?


A really good question and I will do my best to answer it.  Mechanical broadheads have come a long way in the last few years.  There was an early resistance to these especially since some had difficultly expanding when the hit was less than square.  Today's mechanicals have addressed this problem, but there still seems to be questions regarding their reliability.  I have had a number of outfitters who will not allow their hunters to use mechanicals, especially on big game like Elk or Moose. 

The real advantage mechanical broadheads have is their ability to shoot like a target tip.  No need to reset your bow to shoot broadheads.  However, you can get your bow tuned so that your broadheads will fly exactly like your target tips, especially with the drop away rests on the market.

Another consideration from my standpoint at least is the blades themselves.  For big game, and their big ribs and shoulders, I want a solid broadhead.  Lite replaceable blades and expandable blades of a mechanical broadhead may bend or snap on impact with heavy bone.  I prefer a solid core broadhead.

That being said, however, I don't think anyone knows to "right" answer to your question. 

I am going to post this question in our forum section to see what others think of it as well.