Slick Trick Magnum Broadheads

The Outdoor Group announces their most recent broadhead addition the Slick Trick Magnum. 

The Slick Trick Magnum proves that when you choose the right super-short broadhead you'll see all the advantages of big-bladed mechanicals, with qualities mechanicals can't match: Complete confidence and reliability found only in a premium fixed-blade design.

Matching big-blade mechanicals with its ability to deliver massive hemorrhaging and devastation without the opportunity for mechanical failure the Slick Trick Magnumoffers confidence and reliability that only comes with a fixed-blade design. With its unique four-blade construction and 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter, the low-profile Slick Trick Magnum delivers field-point flight and accuracy from even the fastest of bows. The reason: a four-blade, "1 1/8- by 1 1/8-inch" cutting diameter that actually delivers 2 1/4 inches of massive devastation that has proven knock-down deadly-time and time again-on even the biggest and toughest of game animals

Slick Trick Magnum

"Some bowhunters think mechanicals are the only way to achieve a deadly combination of extreme accuracy and large cutting area, but Slick Trick users know better," said Paul Vaicunas, Slick Trick Brand Manager. "The Slick Trick Magnum offers those two advantages and a few more: absolute confidence and the kind of in-the-field reliability found only in a Slick Trick."
The 100% all-steel Slick Trick Magnum features four extra-durable .035-inch steel blades, and a SuperSteel ferrule that helps deliver an ideal combination of durability and pinpoint accuracy in a short, low-profile design. Slick Trick's proprietary Alcatraz BladeLock system not only prevents blade loss, it helps retain maximum energy to deliver deep penetration.
The Slick Trick Magnum is available in three models: The 100-grain Magnum 100; the 100-grain, Deep Six-compatible Magnum 100 D6, and the 125-grain Magnum 125 for a MSRP of $39.99 per 4-pack. 
The Slick Trick Magnum 100 is also available as a 10-pack Pro Pack that includes 10 ferrules and 12 sets of blades for an MSRP of $89.99. 
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