Tink's Scents

This page displays a sampling of Tink's Scents.  For more information visit their website at www.tinks.com

 Tink's Scents


Magnetics Buck Attractant

We’ve designed Magnetics to trigger a buck’s 3 key senses: dominance, reproductive, and curiosity. It’s a synthetic blend that’s been scientifically formulated to play on seasonal weaknesses and exploit a buck’s senses. Natural blends will not have this effect. The powerful and unique formula will attract bucks throughout the entire hunting season.

  • Effective all season
  • Synthetic blend will trigger a buck’s 3 key senses: dominance, reproductive & curiosity
  • Creates a magnetic-like attraction to your hunting location
  • Contains compounds only a deer can smell
  • 1 oz bottle
  • Use it with a Scent Bomb or Stretch Wick

Natural Attraction Deer Lure

  • Simulates a new food source in the area
  • Curiosity scent that attracts both buck and doe
  • Use it at scrapes, on Super Draggers or in Tink’s Scent Bombs
  • Effective all season including the late season
  • 1 oz Bottle

Super Lure

  • 100% natural doe estrous.
  • Strongest smell on the market today
  • Stronger down range smell
  • Gets deer's attention faster
  •  Best used prior to and during the rut
  • Easy to use squirt Top
  • Use it at scrapes, on drag rags or in Tink's Scent Bombs
  • 1 oz Bottle