Scent-Shield Scent Elimination

This page display product information for Scent-Shield Scent Elimination.  Every bowhunter and archer alike needs a good scent elimination to add to his hunting and archery equipment.  Scent-Shield offers quality product that any bowhunter and archer will enjoy.

For more information visit their website: www.scentshield.com

 Scent-Shield Scent Elimination


Bowhunting scent elimination 

Anti-perspirant Underarm Deodorant

All new size and improved concentration of our award winning antiperspirant deodorant that keeps you dry and odor-free. Available in an easy-to-use dial stick.  

Bowhunting Scent Elimination 


Bar Soap

New improved dawn to dusk formulation of our Scent Shield Bar Soap now works overtime to keep you covered for those all-day sits in the stand during prime time. The special formula helps reduce human odor and allows hunters to get close. Aloe helps take the sting out of sun and wind burn. Sit in the stand with confidence when you know you will have the shield working overtime for you.  

Bowhunting Scent Elimination 


Body Bath Towel

Serious hunters know they must reduce their scent to help assure hunting success. Now, you can be clean and reduce your scent without showering. Body Bath Towels are pre-moistened with a special SCENT SHIELD skin formula.

These towels eliminate human scent on contact and provide long-lasting odor protection. By using Body Bath Towels, you can go hunting directly from work. These towels are especially convenient for hunters in remote areas.

Bowhunting Scent Elimination 


Fall Blend Scent Elimination Spray

Fall Blend® is America's number one earth scented scent eliminator. Fall Blend® combines the power of Scent Shield® with a natural earth scent cover-up that's stronger and more realistic than anything else available. As most hunters know (especially bow hunters), hunting success often depends on getting within a few yards of wild game. Fall Blend 2-IN-1 Clothes and Boot Spray is the answer! It scientifically combines Original Scent Shield Human Scent Eliminator with the scent of fall.  

Bowhunting Scent Elimination


Liquid Body Soap

Specifically formulated for the demanding hunter who knows his hunting success depends upon staying scent-free. Our advanced, unscented formula gets you scent-free and helps prevent odor from forming. Its powerful odor fighters deliver long-lasting protection. Contains odorless moisturizers to prevent dry skin.

bowhunting Scent Elimination


Scent Shield Original Spray

This is the product that started a revolution, creating a whole new industry category - scent elimination for hunters. Our award-winning formula is fortified with Pro Power 2 to remove human odor on clothes and boots. Original Scent Shield eliminates human scent by preventing the scent molecules from forming a gas. No gas- No odor.

Bowhunting Scent Elimination


Shampoo and Conditioner

Finally, a shampoo formulated with hunters in mind. Hunter’s Bodyguard Shampoo & Conditioner is Highly Concentrated, Fragrance Free, and Conditions hair while removing odors. Some shampoos contain scents or perfumes that could spook game. Gentle enough to use everyday.