Badlands Packs

This page displays product information for Badlands Packs. Badlands packs are commonly used for hunting and bow hunting.  For more information visit their website: www.badlandspacks.com


 Badlands Packs


Badlands Hunting Packs "2200" 


The 2200 has spent the last 12 years on every continent in the world proving that when it comes to serious hunting, nothing even comes close. This pack is rigged not only to hold a bow, but a spotting scope, a tripod, a rifle, a tree stand and just about anything else your devious hunting mind can think of. 

Badlands Hunting Packs "2800" 


“evolution in progress” and every generation just gets better. It started out years ago with some guides from Alaska that were smart enough to realize the benefits of carrying internal frames instead of those heinous and heavy externals. The issue was how could they carry out more than they came in with, without having to leave gear behind. Well here’s your answer. 

Badlands Hunting Packs "Diablo" 


When moving fast and staying light are critical. This is the lightest pack on the planet,and it will still swallow 40 lbs like it was nothing. The Diablo is also part a four Hypervent Series of packs, thus you are guaranteed to be cool and comfortable. 

Badlands Hunting Packs "Hybrid" 



The new Badlands Hybrid pack brings the best of two hunting styles together. The comfort and load carrying capabilities of a Western pack and the organizational layout and pockets for Whitetail.

Badlands Hunting Packs "HydroPro" 



When was the last time you went hunting in tight lycra shorts or peddled a bike to your tree stand? Exactly. So why would you wear a hydration system made for guys who are okay with that kind of stuff? It is time to pledge your allegiance to a hunting company that understands your needs, and makes products that not only keep you hydrated but well stocked with other hunting essentials. 

Badlands Hunting Packs "Magfanny" 

Mag Fanny

Salt, Mud, Ice… Wow, talk about the other guy’s problems, Nature has yet to concoct a substance which can cause you grief while using this fanny pack. With the smartest pocket layout in the world and the newZip-No technology, all we can say is “bring it”. 

Badlands Hunting Packs "Monster" 



With its Delron flexframe, the Monster will out-carry any fanny pack 2 to 1. Intended for those who don’t know when enough is enough.Includes shoulder straps with built in hydration system. (35 oz. bladder not included) adjustable.