Hunter Specialities Game Calls

This page displays a sampling of Hunter Specialities Game Calls.  For more information visit their website www.hunterspec.com

 Hunter Specialities Game Calls

hunting game calls 

Bucgrunter Deer Call

Bring deer in close and direct them where you want them with this easy-to-use deer call. The BucGrunter's realistic sounds include tending, threatening, and reassuring grunts. Includes lanyard and complete instructions. 

hunting game calls

Deer Can Calls

These easy-to-use can calls make the sound of a doe in estrus and work throughout the rut. Our Estrus Bleat calls come in three sizes--Young Doe, Adult Doe and for extra long range, Mega Estrus.

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Ezee Wheeze Deer call

The EZEE WHEEZE is a snort wheeze deer call that is easy to use. The snort wheeze is a seldom-heard vocalization that a buck makes to challenge an intruder. It is the highest level of aggression and is performed primarily by bucks before a charge, leg kick or fight. It may scare off lesser bucks, while attracting a dominant buck when used near rubs and scrapes, or it can be used to stop a buck with an estrus doe. 

hunting game calls

Heavy Horns Rattling Bag

Large size REALTREE® camo rattling bag produces high-volume sounds of battling bucks. It has attached lanyard and shoulder strap. Includes silencer straps for quiet transport.