Mossy Oak Bio Logic Food Plots

BioLogic Whitetail blends are attractive and nutritious to the deer on your property. Available in both annual and perennial blends, they can help you grow groceries to keep deer coming all year long. No matter your location, acreage, time or resources, they can help you grow food plots. They also have mineral attractants that don't require any planting.

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 Mossy Oak Bio Logic Food Plots


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Biologic’s Alfalfa blend is pre-inoculated with new technology that increases the shelf life of Rhizobium (the bacteria that allows legumes to create nitrogen). 

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Alfa Clover

This unique blend alfalfa and clover cultivars is truly different from any other alfalfa-clover blend marketed in the United States. These blends are specifically engineered for deer. 

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Bio Mass


BioMass is an affordable blend of peas, beans, sunflowers and grain sorghum for spring and summer planting. Developed to provide much-needed nutrition for your deer herd in critical warm weather months - the peak season for antler development. BioMass is easy to plant and grow, and is recommended for food plots of at least an acre or more. Beyond providing important nutrition for a healthy deer herd, BioMass will also benefit your wild turkeys and upland birds.  BioMass from Biologic, it's Farming for Wildlife at its very best. 

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If you’ve ever witnessed the wee hour crowds parked at Café Du Monde and wondered where they found the energy, the answer may rest in chicory. Highly nutritious and decidedly palatable to deer, our new BioLogic Chicory blend will be a highly effective addition to any plot. To the deer managers who’ve tried it, chicory has provided a dependable and impressive addition to their plots. Superior health and substantial antler growth are the most obvious benefits. What many managers also appreciate is Chicory’s ability to thrive in the most severe conditions. Chicory does best when added to other blends or single crops. Over-seeded or mixed with other seeds during the initial establishment of the plot, you can expect three to five years of sustained regrowth. 

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Clover Plus

Few plants are more effective at attracting whitetail and turkey than clover. Use Clover Plus — a perennial blend of our New Zealand Red and White clovers with our extremely successful varieties of chicory — and you turn that attraction into an obsession. Our New Zealand clover has been genetically developed to produce larger, more succulent leaves and thinner stems for higher nutritional value and improved digestibility. The chicory provides appealing forage during critical months of whitetail growth and development. Both clover and chicory are extremely hardy and drought-resistant, yielding consistent production through the hot months of summer. It’s a combination of high nutrition, delicious taste and robust growth that deer can’t resist and nature can’t beat. 

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Full Draw

Bow hunters are raring to go come autumn — leave it to Full Draw to feed that fire. This affordable blend of New Zealand brassicas, clover, wheat and special grains germinates quickly and gets right to work. Fast germinating cultivars attract whitetails in the early season; late-season brassicas provide palatable forage in later months. The result of this teamwork: A proven forage blend for attracting deer and providing them with ample nutrition from early bow season until the plot matures well after the regular hunting season. 

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Green Patch Plus

Green Patch Plus is a fall planting that combines the proven attractiveness of transitional grains with the nutrition and attraction of genuine New Zealand brassicas and clovers. The result is an economical forage blend that establishes quickly and provides an irresistible food plot from germination through the end of hunting season. Green Patch Plus will deliver scientifically proven performance in large food plots.

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Hot Spot

Remote stands often provide the best opportunity for spotting mature bucks — and the worst location for a food plot. Without the ability to utilize machine cultivators or heavy amounts of soil additives, establishing a planting off the beaten trail can be challenging at best. The solution is BioLogic Hot Spot — a scientifically selected blend of winter peas and buckwheat designed to be fast-germinating, extremely attractive to deer and incredibly easy to plant. No soil-tilling is required; simply clear the ground and apply the seed over a 20-yard by 20-yard area. Ideal for planting near treestands and in woodland clearings — and for luring pressured bucks that shun high traffic locations.

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Lab Lab

BioLogic’s LabLab is a vigorous, twining legume specially formulated for outstanding performance in food plots from spring well into autumn. It’s resistant to insects and disease, grows well even in rough or acidic soil, proves resilient under heavy browsing and produces an incredible amount of forage — plants often grow two to three feet in height. Deer are strongly attracted to LabLab’s large, succulent leaves — an excellent source of protein and phosphorus for antler growth and development. Landowners and managers appreciate how vigorously it grows. A favorite blend for those who manage their plot year-round for optimal deer herd health and maximum antler production.




Bio Rock

Mineral supplements for a deer herd? Well, why the heck not? Minerals play a role in a whitetail’s health, body dimensions, and antler size, and BioLogic’s BioRock delivers a readily available mix of all-natural minerals. Over 50 to be exact. Many of them vital to antler growth and overall health like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur. Simply set BioRock out on a stump or a level, well-drained surface near an area of high deer traffic, and let it work its magic. Perfect for hunting, observation for trail cameras, or helping your heard reach their maximum health and antler growth.

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Rock Topper

Kick Start the utilization of your mineral rocks with our Rock Topper liquid, and keep them coming in close. One gallon covers two rocks and will immediately bring deer full frame close for pictures. Works on mineral rocks, existing mineral sites or by itself. Used and endorsed by Mark and Terry Drury for their camera surveys and antler evaluation.

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Whitetail Addiction

Scientifically reformulated to combine the proven attractiveness of active sodium with several key vitamins and minerals that will provide your whitetail herd with missing nutrients. These missing nutrients are believed by many scientists to be the missing key ingredients to "unlock" antler development and improve overall herd health. Whitetail Addiction forces many minerals already in the soil to rise to the surface where they can be utilized by your deer herd. This product is extremely attractive to deer and they will quickly develop a wallow as they frequent the site seeking the minerals and nutrients that surface. Refresh the lick periodically to ensure continued usage.