Handwarmers From Quantam Heat

If you hunt in the north, late in winter or anytime in high mountains, you will at some time need some means of keeping your hands and body warm.  Hand warmers and other body warming devices have been around for a long time, but all have their limitations.

We have used them all, living in upper Michigan, especially hunting the late deer season or winter varmints.  Those hand warmers that burn fuel, liquid or solid, give off odors.   Others are single use only and you can spend a fortune just keeping your hands warm.  With either, you can experience too hot, or not hot enough depending on oxygenation and other factors.

Quantum Heat, from Pinestar Technology, Inc., offers a unique solution to both problems.  And these warmers are not just limited to your hands either.  Pinestar has packs and pouches that can be used as seats and vest pouches as well.   Quantum Heat packs were originated with a medical application in mind, that is Pinestar's primary market, but these heat packs provide the near perfect hand and body warming application for hunters.

These heat packs, which come in a variety of sizes from 3 x 5 inch hand warmers to 10 inch circular packs and even a 12 x 20 inch pack, use a unique chemical heating reaction that warms the pack to 130 degrees almost instantly and stays warm, depending on the insulation around the pack for up to four hours.  Don't ask me how this thing works, I don't know, but it does work.  

There is a metallic disk within the pack which, when pressed, causes the pack to activate, crystallizing the liquid.  The packs are scent free, noiseless, and contain nothing more than non-toxic food grade sodium acetate and water. 

 When the warmer is activated the liquid in the pouch crystallizes, and giving off heat in the process.  Work the pouch as it crystallizes to keep it pliable.  Depending on size and shape, most of the Quantum Heat warmers are shaped such that even as they solidify, they can still be shaped to fit your body.

I have used these packs,  and some like them, for a number of years, and they are the only hand warmers I will use.  And these are made entirely in the USA.  They really are scent free, noiseless and they really do provide instant warmth.  

Most of the time I have carried these packs without any insulating case in one of my pockets.  However, Pinestar also has packs that will help insulate the pack and keep it warmer longer.  My experience is that these packs will retain heat for more than an hour and a half alone, and more in an insulated pouch.

Pinestar had a variety of insulating packs , including camouflage, for the various heat packs.  They even have a round one for the 10 inch round pack that will fit nicely on a five gallon bucket.

This is all really cool...ah, warm, but we haven't even come to the best part yet.  These heat packs are reusable!  Yes, I said reusable!

Once you have activated the pack, and it has cooled, merely drop the pack in boiling water for about 10 minutes and the crystals will turn back into a liquid ready to be reactivated at your leisure.  Properly planned, you can extend the heat from the pack by boiling it just before you go out.  Place the warm and melted pack in your insulated storage pouch, and it will provide warmth until it cools to the temperate of the surrounding climate.  Once is does, reactivate the pack and you get 130 degrees all over again.

For complete information on these reusable, scent free Quantum Heat hand warmers visit www.pinestar.com.