InstaTree by Eagle Outdoor Products

Are you a ground pounder like me?  I get nervous climbing on a chair to change a light bulb, let alone climb a tree to hunt from a tree stand.  Now, I didn't say I don't hunt from treestands, but now you understand the risks I will take on my life to do so.  But as a rule, I would rather take my chances on the good ole earth.

Hence my predicament.  In a tree stand I usually have somewhere to hang all my stuff.  I usually set up tree stands with lots of branches around me, for the cover you understand - not to hang on to.  With all those branches I have a place to put a hook or two, and hang my bow, quiver, pack, glasses and such.  Well when I am in a ground blind I rarely have those amenities readily available.

So when Norm Adolph of Eagle Outdoor Products, LLC  asked me to try out his InstaTree, I was more than ready.  The InstaTree is a practical and easy to carry item that makes having a place to hang things worry free.  The InstaTree is composed of two vertical pieces that you merely stick into the ground, with attaching adjustable arms or "limbs"  and you have a ready made tree for hanging your stuff on.

I had opportunity to try out the InstaTree recently on my Texas turkey hunt.  I was a little skeptical at first.  With all the junk I carry with me on a hunt, my bow camera, a still camera and regular hunting gear like my glasses and range finder, I thought all I need is one more thing to carry.  If this could only fit in my pack!  (by the way, it does with a little sticking out the top.)  If you are hunting from one location, set it and forget it.  Come back tomorrow and it is still there.  And by-the-way, it fits in a portable blind as well.

it was certainly worth a try, so off we went.  You will not believe how dependent I became on this little device.   Having all my gear in my blind at hand was simply too good to be true.  My bow with its mounted camera is not light.  It is a bit of a pain to hold throughout the morning or evening hunt.  And besides, I am often shooting still pictures of critters that I am not going to shoot.  Or I am ranging spots where I think that big tom, or buck are going to walk into for the perfect shot.  So I usually have gear - everywhere!

 Having the InstaTree there allowed my to hang all my gear and have my bow ready to pick up in  an instant.  There was no noise as all the trees "limbs" are coated.

I was hunting turkey.  We all know how careful one has to be with movement around these wily birds.  But I was able, on numerous occasions, to be able to hang my bow, and reach for either my still camera, or glasses, or range finder without spooking a bird, and really without having to take my eyes off the object of my attention.  Likewise I was able to shift back to my bow when I saw a tom making his way towards me.

Using one of the adjustable limbs, I simple used my foot to force the pointed end of the InstaTree into the ground where I wanted it.  There are two limbs that come with the tree, one side of one limb is bent so that it runs parallel to the tree itself and this limb is designed to attach to the quiver of your bow, so that the quiver is readily available.  The other "limb" is three pronged and shorter for hanging such things as your glasses, a water bottle or whatever.

While the InstaTree was especially designed for the bowhunter, I can see that it would be equally effective for the gun hunter as well.  

I used a prototype on my hunt, and the one complaint I had about the product was its weight.  However, Norm has informed me that production models use more aluminum and are much lighter.

As a ground pounder, I would have to say that this is a product that will get more and more use from me.   It is just too practical if you are hunting from the ground.  You say you hunt from a tree stand?  Well never fear, Eagle Outdoor Products has a tree stand version called the  InstaLimb that makes use of the same quiver mounting system and additional shorter limbs for you high hunters as well.  With its unique quiver mounting system, you can carry the InstaLimb attached your bow, without the need for extra hand or even a pack.

Eagle Outdoor products are currently working on accessories to their products that will provide a fishing rod holder, or even a camera mount.

If you would like more information about the InstaTree or InstaLimb or Eagle Outdoor Products, you can reach Norm at   866-653-8488 or email him at