Gerber Presto

I always carry a pocket knife. Those rare times when I forget one, I always deeply regret it!

I have a number of pocket sized knives that I carry, depending on where I am and what I am doing. Perhaps my favorite is my Gerber Presto 3.0. This knife is a little big for the office, but I have been know to carry it even there. It features an attractive aluminum handle with rubber inserts and use Gerber's patented F.A.S.T. assisted opening technology for quick, easy, one-handed deployment. I love it. With a mere touch of my thumb it is open and locked into place. 

it also has a safety lock on it so that the knife will not inadvertently open on its own. This blade is make of 440 stainless steel, one of the best stainless steels available. It is a hardy knife, that is always with me when I hunt, hike or just stroll through the woods. This is also the knife that is always in my denims and when I am working around the house. The Presto come with a clip that you can hook on your pocket so that it is always reachable.
The F.A.S.T. quick open comes in real handy with you have your hands full and need that knife edge. If you use a knife a lot, like me, you can't go wrong with the Presto. I don't leave home without it. 

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