Field Logic Field Targets

Block Targets
Thanks to a revolutionary new process called PolyFusion™, which molecularly fuses polyurethane to polyethylene, the BLOCK® Black™ archery target gives you easier arrow removal and extended target life!

Hurricane Bag Targets
The all-new Hurricane Bag Target is taking the archery world by storm. Shoot the eyes of the hurricane!

For more information visit any of their websites: www.blocktarget.com; www.hurricanebagtargets.com

 Field Logic Field Targets


Field Logic Targets 

Block Black B-20

The all-around BLOCK Black target, the B-20 is big enough for backyard shooting and small enough to easily transport. You'll appreciate the 20" x 20" face!

Field Logic Targets 


Block Black B-22

The ideal BLOCK Black for outfitters, deer camps or those who love to launch long-range shots in the backyard. It's 22" x 22" face gives you plenty of target to shoot at! 

Field Logic Targets 


Block Black B-16

If you take your target with you for some pre-hunt practice, the B-16 is ideal. It's lightweight and portable and easily packs in the back of the truck! 

Field Logic Targets 


Block Classic C-18

The BLOCK Classic C-18 is the BLOCK that's made to take with you on a hunting trip. Keep
it in the back of your truck and take a few shots prior to heading out to your stand! 

Field Logic Targets 


Block Classic C-20

The BLOCK Classic C-20 is the all-around target that's great in the backyard as well as the hunting camp. With a 20" x 20" face, you'll have plenty of target for long range shooting.  

Field Logic 


Block Classic C-22

The largest BLOCK Classic, the Block Classic C-22 is ideal for the hunting camp or in the backyard. The 22" x 22" face gives you ample shooting surface for long shots. 

Field Logic Targets


Hurricane Bag Targets

•High visibility design
•Four sizes to choose from!
•Tri-Core Technology™ for unmatched performance
•Deer vitals on back side for realistic practice (only on bag targets)
•Heavy-duty handle won't let you down