Leupold Rangefinders

Close enough” simply isn’t good enough for Leupold®, and probably not for you, either. Leupold rangefinders, from the pocket sized RX®-1000 to the powerful RXB™-IV, offer features and performance unmatched in other optics. We also build them rugged and waterproof, because as hunters and shooters ourselves, we actually know the conditions you’ll face in the field.

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 Leupold Rangefinders


Bowhunting Range Finders 


The RX-1000i with DNA propels laser rangefinding to new levels of precision accuracy, and speed.  High-performance optics achieve a remarkable 80 percent light transmission.  See what ranging at the speed and accuracy of Leupold can mean for your next hunt.

bowhunting range finders 



The RX-750 TBR is the ulitmate rangefinder for bow hunters, with range capability to 750 yards, including True Ballistic Range technology for great precision than a mere straight line measurement to your target. 

bowhunting range finders 



Consider the game changed - Vendetta will mount to virtually any compound bow and is built to the uncompromising standards of the legendary Leupold name.  Take the guesswork and the game-spooking movement out of your next hunt with Vendetta.