Three Rivers Traditional Bows

This page display product information for Three Rivers Traditional Bows.  Some bowhunters prefer traditional bows to compound bows.  Three Rivers Archery offers quality product that any bowhunter and archer will enjoy.

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 Three Rivers Traditional Bows


Bowhunting traditional bows 

Dalaa Takedown Recurve

The 3Rivers Dalaa takedown recurve is an evolutionary leap forward in archery bow design and performance! This predatory powerhouse has all the speed, balance, and shot consistency you demand when on the range or in the woods. We're talking Olympic level performance, shot after shot after shot!  

bowhunting traditional bows 


Heavy Weight Bamboo Backed Warbow

This Heavy Weight Bamboo Backed Warbow has a center core of dark Ipe for added speed and a tough hickory belly core that can take heavy punishment. These Heavy weight English style Warbows pack a smooth, but HEAVY punch. They shoot as good as they look!

Available in weights of 90-100, 100-110, and 110-120. Perfect for time period correct reenactments or for English longbow organizational flight shoots. 

This Warbow has a standard length of 76". At this length the Warbow gives extra leverage for the archer and aids in drawing heavy draw weights back to full draw. 

These bows meet the English Longbow Society and Shooting Club rules and requirements for 5/8 rule on English Longbows.

For right or left handed shooters and comes complete with vinyl leather grip and attractive Ipe strike plate

Bow string and bow stringer included.  

Bowhunting Traditional bows 


Kaya Korean

This exotic recurve bow is at home in the field, on the range, in the Dojo or Dojang, and even at re-enactment events. Each Kaya Korean traditional bow is a true phenomenon. You'll wonder how a bow that light and small could cast an arrow so hard and fast. Each one is crafted by Mr. Kwak Yoon Sik, one of Korea's prolific bowyers. The Kaya may be shot either right or left handed with fingers or with a thumb ring. Though only 46" nock to nock when strung, this remarkable bow is smooth even for longer draws. 

Bowhunting traditional bows 


Pilgrim Youth Longbow

Is your young archer ready for an upgrade? Then introduce him or her to the 3Rivers Pilgrim Longbow! This beautiful bow with solid Bacote riser and Birdseye Maple limbs and Bamboo core, will give your child countless hours of archery adventures! With an AMO of 48" and poundage between 20 to 22 at 24" draw, it's a perfect introductory bow, featuring quality American craftsmanship throughout.

  • Quality American Craftsmanship
  • Bacote Riser
  • Birdseye Maple Limbs
  • Horn Tip Overlays
  • Bamboo Core
  • AMO of 48"
  • 20 to 22 Pounds
  • 24" Draw