Trophy Taker Arrow Rests

This page display product information for Trophy Taker arrow rests.  Arrow rests are an essential tool for every bow hunter and archer.  Trophy Taker offers quality product that any bowhunter and archer will enjoy.

For more information visit their website: www.trophytaker.com

 Trophy Taker Arrow Rests


bowhunting arrow rests 

Original Fall Away

The Trophy Taker Original Fall Away Arrow Rest is the same design Dan Evans originally crafted to meet the needs for one very demanding archer... himself. 

bow hunting arrow rests 


Pronghorn Fall Away

The Pronghorn Fall Away Arrow Rest is a great fit for bows with narrow shelves. Hunters now have the choice between small, medium, and large launchers.

The 1/2" deep launcher offers great capture during the draw cycle and added security at full draw. 

bow hunting arrow rests 


Shakey Hunter

The Shakey Hunter Fall Away Arrow Rest utilizes the same proven design as the Original Fall Away Arrow Rest. The over-sized Shakey Launcher ensures arrow pick up and delivery no matter how cold or excited you get.

bow hunting arrow rests 


Smackdown FC

Put the SmackDown™ FC on your trophy this fall with one of Trophy Taker’s new fall-away arrow rests. The SmackDown™ is similar to other rests in Trophy Taker’s popular line in that they feature all metal construction, bullet-proof no nonsense design, and an unconditional lifetime warranty. The SmackDown™ launcher pivots on a rock solid bearing system and features the quietest launcher dampening system available. 

bow hunting arrow rests


Xtreme FC Top Slot

The NEW Xtreme FC Top Slot Fall Away Arrow Rest loads quickly and easily while ensuring arrow capture and retention over 320 degrees of bow rotation.

The patent pending Xtreme Arrow Rest Series features an ultra-quiet full capture launcher, innovative Drop Stop Lunacher Noise and Vibration Dampener, one of a kind PVC rubberized ring coating, and NO TOOLS and NO FASTENERS to quickly install the cable clamp.