Rage Broadheads

Bow hunters need a good broadhead to make that great kill.  There are many kinds of broadheads to choose from, Grim Reaper has great selection for bowhunters to find the broadhead he is looking for.

For more information visit their website www.grimreaperbroadheads.com

 Rage Broadheads

bowhunting broadheads 

Titanium 2 Blade

1. In flight
RAGE's streamlined 3/4" dia., along with its smaller Titanium ferrule, make it fly like a field-tip. The titanium body features an stainless steel over-sized instant-cut tip. The cam-deployed rear blades follow the tip without grabbing or deflecting, even on an angled hit, and are guaranteed to deploy before entry, maintaining full kinetic energy. 

2. Upon impact
The SlipCam™ initiates and the blades deploy from the rear. Standard mechanical broadheads tend to lose power quickly upon impact. With the SlipCam Rear Blade Deployment System, that's no longer a problem! Its streamlined profile provides the unerring accuracy and arrow speed of a field tip, but you also get the full deadly force of a fixed-blade broadhead! 

Advanced SlipCam™ rear blade deployment means no deflection! 

3. Upon entry
Blades are fully deployed, for a full 2.0"+ cutting diameter! 

4. Features
Slipcam Rear Blade Deployment System keeps energy and power through impact on into the target. Accuracy of a field tip with deadly impact of a fixed blade broadhead. 

Titanium body. 

Smaller ferrule - stable flight with over-sized cut-on-contact stainless steel tip. 

Cam deployed rear blades - no deflection, no energy loss on impact. No rubber bands to hold blades in place during flight thanks to ShockLock system. 2.0"+ cutting diameter.