Gold Tip Arrows

Serious bow hunters appreciate the ability to get the same great shafts from one year to the next and Gold Tip proudly provides that option.  Add to that their new high speed, high performance Velocity hunting arrows and you will find that there isn't a hunting arrow you could want that Gold Tip doesn't provide.
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 Gold Tip Arrows


Expedition Hunter

With the same great construction as the XT and Pro Hunters, the Expedition Hunter is a very popular shaft for the budget conscious bowhunter that still expects the ultimate in durability.


Kinetic Hunter

As a compliment to the Kinetic Pro and Kinetic XT, the all-new Kinetic Hunter continues to deliver the benefits of a small diameter shaft.  With the same durability, performance, and premium components as it’s cousins in the Kinetic line, the Kinetic Hunter delivers unmatched penetration with a more affordable price tag. 


Kinetic Pro

All-new for 2011, the Kinetic Pro combines the industry’s highest quality materials, processes, and specifications to form the ultimate small diameter shaft that delivers maximum penetration and consistent performance no matter the conditions.  With four spine sizes, including the .200” spine Kinetic Big Game Pro, this arrow is truly at the top of the food chain. 


Kinetic XT

The Kinetic XT features everything you’ve come to love about Gold Tip shafts; the durability, consistency, and accuracy.  The overall performance of Gold Tip has been rolled into this hard hitting, small diameter hunting shaft.  Featuring the popular .003” straightness specification and available in four spine sizes, the Kinetic XT is the perfect choice when looking for the increased penetration and knockdown power that a small diameter shaft provides.


Pro Hunter

As the ultimate hunting arrow in Gold Tip’s lineup, the Pro Hunter is simply the best arrow ever constructed. With industry leading weight and straightness tolerances, the Pro Hunter is fast becoming “THE” choice for the world’s most discerning bowhunters. Don’t overlook this shaft as a target arrow, because in the stand or on the line, Pro Hunters will not be beat. 


Velocity Hunter

Congruent with our entire lineup, the Velocity Hunter gives the advantage of the same great construction and durability with a smaller price tag.


Velocity Pro

The name says it all. At 25-30 grains lighter than its cousin the Pro Hunter, the Velocity Pro delivers the same tight specs, durability, and performance, but at a breakneck speed that will improve your in-the-field accuracy. With its proprietary 100% carbon construction, this is the ultimate speed shaft. 


Velocity XT

If you like your XT Hunters you are going to LOVE the Velocity XT. Same great performance, but at 25- 30 grains lighter they will deliver your broadhead to the engine room just that much faster! 

XT Hunter

The XT Hunter is the most popular shaft in the Gold Tip lineup, and for good reason. This shaft provides all of the performance and accuracy that a serious bowhunter needs for a long season in the deer woods.