Shooting Spring Wildlife with a Camera

I was doing a little pre-scouting and photography in Cody, Wyoming last weekend.   

My wife and I had flown into Denver and were making the trip to Cody via car.  On the way, we experienced a severe case of global warming, where I-80 was closed west of Casper due to up to three feet of snow!  I thought this was spring!  But, I digress.   

Route 20 from Casper to Cody was a very pleasant drive toward the mountains, but fortunately was free from snow.  Along the way, there were periodic emergency stops to take pictures of the scores of Pronghorns we saw along the way.  I lost count somewhere above 200. 

Upon reaching Cody, we were forced to stop at the very edge of town as 5 mule deer moseyed across the five lanes of traffic from one browse to another.   

My chauffer, guide and friend Mark Schauland, a former State Patrolman, offered to help me find some wildlife to photograph.  We had an opportunity to work our way up the North Fork Highway, past the Buffalo Bill damn and toward Yellowstone National Forest.  Mark was constantly pulling off the road to give me the opportunity to shoot elk, deer and sheep pictures.  Here is a sample of the pictures I took along the way.