About Bowhunting Info

Bob Baldwin, President and CEO: 

Bob Baldwin, founder and President of BowhuntingInfo is a dedicated bowhunter.  Bow hunting since he was twelve, Bob has hunted and taken many North American big game, including Bear, Bison, Whitetail deer, Elk and Turkey with his bow. 

Bob founded BowhuntingInfo.com in 1998 as a free informational website where bowhunters could find nearly anything they needed to enhance their bowhunting adventures. "BowhuntingInfo.com is a site built by bowhunters for bowhunters", says Bob, "I hope that our site will provide as much pleasure to our visitors as we have had putting it together.

For years Bowhunting Info didn't even advertise, but after a complete rebuild in 2009, Bowhunting Info began to accept advertising on the site.


 Justin Arlt, Vice President, Marketing:

Justin Arlt, Bowhunting Info's Marketing manager is likewise an avid bowhunter.  Bowhunting Michigan farmland and the Michigan Upper Peninsula since he was twelve years old, Justin has done it all.  Justin has shot many different game species including game as small as squirrels, and rabbits.  Needless to say, he doesn't have any difficultly with larger game like hogs, deer and even Stags.

Justin is in charge of our newly created advertising department.  Justin is the go-to guy to get your product or service advertised on BowhuntingInfo.com.